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Do not Despair! If you missed the 5 part series by 'holocaust survivor' Vera Sharav, "Never Again Is Now Global," you can now see the archive--for free! No holocaust reparations payments required, no shekels transferred even if you are Aryan. You can get your substantial dose of Jew genocide propaganda, plus a side helping of anti-German ongoing evil "Nazi" demonization, all in a convenient package of anti-vax hysteria (the only part I approve of).

Never Again Is Now Global


You must understand, at the time the threat of "Nazism" and the evil dictator Adolf Hitler was indeed global, he was trying to take over the world and enslave it to his evil "Nazi" plan for cruel domination (not!). So yes, the threat then was said to be global (that's the story anyway). But now the threat is really global! "Never Again" refers to not allowing the holocaust to ever happen again, yet how can something happen again that never happened as described to begin with? It's the same as global then/global now: don't think too much about it and just accept the premises and stereotypes.

At least you will get the chance to see the evil dictator Adolf Hitler kissing babies and patting children on the head. That alone might be worth the price of admission.

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Matthew Crawford wrote a Substack post about how people should stop saying "Nuremberg 2.0" because the Nuremberg trials weren't hard enough on the Germans. I told him to read Carlos Porter's book about Nuremberg and to watch David Irving's presentation about Nuremberg, and I told him how the official death toll of Majdanek is now 78,000 even though it was claimed to be 1.5 million during the IMT.

Two years ago I got sick of everyone saying that Fauci is Mengele 2.0, so I wrote around 100,000 words of notes about Mengele, but I never bothered to compile them into a finished article.

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The whole "Jewish subtlety" in this "Never Again Is Now Global" is an attempt to CONSOLIDATE and REINFORCE the Holohoax story and THE Jewish VICTIM HOOD by mixing THE HOAX alongside with the well documented undeniable fact about the bio-clotshot and the (Jewish controlled) Cabal without clearly calling them out as such! When I re-read the "exodus" by Jewish Leon Uris in English, the story of torpedoed orphans boat appears to be just like the "gas chambers!"

To me, this is a "subtle" effort to exonerate the "Jews" from the evil crime against humanity that can no longer be covered up! The "Jewish Genesis Prize" clip is the words from the very horse mouth! I love such "over confidence!" of them!

Fortunately, no one can cover the sun with just the palm of hand no matter how many!

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Karl, thanks for delving into this topic.

This might be relevant: https://hillmd.substack.com/p/four-ways-they-hide-redacteds-role

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When I first encountered Vera Sharav being interviewed by Reiner Füllmich (July 2021) and subsequently given saturation coverage by RFK Jr (Children’s Health Defense) and others, I was immersed in ‘red flags’. Both Füllmich and RFK Jr lost all credibility at that moment as Sharav was given licence to gush her unbridled hatred for the German people.

I did some research and for what it is worth, I framed a lengthy ‘note to self’ which I never shared. Without perusing, editing or formatting, here it is in full for your archives … broken up into several parts …



Another related anecdote: This is quite a long comment so I just add for your archives. I did this research following a recent ‘anti-pharmaceutical’ video which went viral, featuring Vera Sharav.

The video was even featured by RFK Jr and G Edward Griffin no less, amongst others. It had various titles such as “Holocaust Survivor: Don’t Let Authorities Use Fear to Turn You Into a ‘Robot’” or “Holocaust Survivor Sees Pandemic Lockdown as a Return to Nazism”.

Now while Vera seems, on the surface, quite authentic on the topic of warning about the dangers of the pharmaceutical industry and the ‘lockdown’, and while I don’t put her in the same drain as the despicable Irene Zisblatt et al, there are certain clues that come out of her biography and testimony that expose the fraudulence of the basis of her narrative.

To her credit she has been doing some good work here:



• Part 1: Vaccine Safety Assessments & Vaccine Science Falsified to Support Vaccination Policy


• Part 2: Government Pronouncements of Vaccine Safety are Based on Deceptive & Corrupt Practices


• Part 3: Gaining Control of Vaccine-Related Information: Establishing an Infrastructure


• Part 4: The HPV Debacle: Suppressing Inconvenient Evidence


• Part 5: Internal CDC Email Correspondence Reveals a Corrupt Culture


• Part 6: “A Foolish Faith In Authority Is The Worst Enemy Of The Truth”– Albert Einstein


• Part 7: Multiple Industry-Saturated Collaborating Partners Set the Agenda for Vaccination Policies


From Part 6:

“This recourse to authority is an attitude reminiscent of the American eugenics movement, when public health officials and academics at elite universities, embraced the pseudo-scientific tenets of eugenics, which were the basis for abhorrent discriminatory policies, including forced sterilization policies that were launched in the USA.[60]”

The link [60] takes us here:


I forget how I got to the following link …


“I first discovered that people with disabilities were sterilized and killed by the Nazis when I was a teenager, watching the TV mini-series “Holocaust” in 1978.”

[that’s right – on a television mini-series in 1978 – I wonder who produced that!]

RFK Jr has even featured her [Vera Sharav] on his Children’s Health Defense site and her seven-part exposé is featured here.

• The Vaccine Program: Betrayal of Public Trust & Institutional Corruption


To be continued …

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